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"I love the service and commitment at MCM. Our graphic, marketing, and overall brand game have gone way up."

- South Bay Church

"Your company is truly a God-send to our church. The quality of work is great and we love your heart to make it happen."

- Calvary Church

"Thank you for getting this one done so fast! We love it. Such clear vision for what we asked for. Thank you for all you do!"

- Story Church

Unlimited Custom Media

For The Local Church 🎉

Hire a team of expert creatives starting at just $399 per month.

Get In Touch 😎

We can't wait to meet you!

  • Are we actually unlimited?
    It seems like everyone has "unlimited" as a catch phrase these days. For us, we actually mean it. Our Media Team package includes truly unlimited requests and revisions. No limit on open requests, no limit on booklet or video length, and no limit on revisions. Our standard graphic and videos plans have a limit of one project due per day. You can read more about this in our policy guide.
  • What does the process look like?
    After signing up for a plan, you'll be able to access your dashboard by logging into our website. From that dashboard, you'll be able to manage your account, add multiple users, and submit requests through an easy, comprehensive form. Final files are shared through a cloud folder.
  • How do I receive notifications and stay up to date?
    Each request has its own place in your dashboard. We call this the project window. This is where we chat about the project, submit preview files, engage in revisions, and link you to your final files. Notifications happen via email, or on your dashboard if you choose to stay there. We are web-based, not app-based.
  • Do we get our own designer?
    You get a small team of designers dedicated to your account. We call this a "creative pod." This allows for relationship to grow, style to evolve, and expectations to be met. Our designers deliver equal quality to every client.
  • What don't we design?
    The following project types are exempt from all subscription packages, and will be declined: Branding projects (can be purchased separately) Copyright material of any kind Character or illustrative animation Movies filmed by the client Audio editing Negative or divisive material Heretical content
  • What's the turnaround time on graphics?
    We offer an in-depth view of our minimum turnaround times in our policy guide. They are dependant on the package you have, as well as the project type. Generally, our standard plans include a 3-business-day turnaround, and our higher tiers include a 24-48hr turnaround.
  • What's the turnaround time on video and booklets?
    These are project-specific. We can usually fit things like video announcements or event recaps within our 3 business day turnaround. Animations, longer videos, sermon bumpers, and other large projects like booklets will always depend on the project. We'll be sure to let you know once your project has been submitted.
  • Is there a size limit to videos or booklets?
    Nope! Not on our Media Team or Creative Director packages. We've done booklets of 100 pages and videos over 1hr long. Turnaround time is reflected accordingly, with very little wiggle room. Our standard plans have limits which you can find in our Policy Guide.
  • Do we get source files?
    Yes! You can select an option on your request form that will ensure you receive source files upon delivery.
  • Do we get revisions?
    Of course! We want to make sure we hit the mark. You've got unlimited revisions; we may just need to extend your turnaround time depending on the implications.
  • What are our office hours?
    Our office hours are 9am-5pm Central, Monday to Friday. Sometimes we communicate beyond those hours, but for administrative or emergency purposes. Any requests that come in after business hours will count as being submitted the next day.
  • When are holiday closures?
    When we close for holidays, all communication and project work gets paused. We are out of the office on the following dates: Thursday-Friday of Thanksgiving. Final week of December and first week of January. 2 days per year (February) for staff retreat/meetings. Other stat holidays (Easter, etc.)
  • How does billing work?
    You're automatically billed on a monthly basis beginning on the day you purchased a plan. If your plan has a trial option, billing will begin when your trial has ended. Any changes in your plan will be reflected in your billing.
  • How do I cancel?
    You can cancel at any time from your dashboard! No need for emails or meetings unless you'd prefer to do so. Your plan will be cancelled at the end of your current billing period.
  • Are there refunds?
    Unfortunately we do not offer refunds. We do offer a 7-day free trial on our Unlimited Graphics plan to test out our system and the quality of our work. Cancelling mid-billing period will bring you to the end of that billing period.
  • Which service is used for billing?
    Our billing is done through Stripe. This is the most functional and secure billing platform that exists for services like ours. Only the best for you!
  • Does geography matter?
    No it doesn't! But we work our business hours around Central time and bill in USD only.
  • Why purchase a plan?
    We believe that outstanding media is a crucial part of reaching people for Jesus. At a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time staff, we offer equal or greater quantity along with outstanding quality. Our mission is to help you make Jesus known, one project at a time.
  • When did we open and are we staying open?
    We launched in January of 2021 as Church Media Supply. Since then, we've had the honor of serving so many amazing churches across North America. Move Church Media is consistently growing and delivering better service and better projects. We're here to stay, and we truly value excellence in our partnership.
  • Are we hiring?
    We just might be! We don't post individual jobs to our website, but to be added to the list, please email your resume and portfolio to We can't wait to meet you!
  • What positions do we hire?
    Our typical open positions include graphic designers, video editors, project managers, and administrative assistants. Think you would kill it in a role here? Reach out!

Can't wait to meet you! 👋

A custom dashboard just for you 🙂

Keeping track of your requests has never been easier. Simply log in to manage your account, submit, and track your projects.

So Why Make The Move? 🤔

We're truly unlimited. As long as your request volume is possible and within reason, we'll make it happen.

We promise quality of work that will exceed your expectations. Always outstanding, always fully custom.

You get a dedicated design team that you'll always have direct contact and communication with.


This is an all-in-one unlimited media solution that includes every service we offer plus some great extras. If you're looking for a full-stack media solution, this is it.​ As our current clients can attest, it will feel like we've been added to your team. Here's what's included:

  • Unlimited custom graphic design, custom video projects, motion graphics, photo editing, and copywriting

  • Social Media strategy meetings that cover analytics, recommendations, and implementation ideas

  • Shorter turnaround (24-48 hours)

  • Priority support

  • All-in-one media solution for churches of any size

  • 50% off a Logo + Branding package

Hire a Creative Director

We know, $3299/mo sounds like a lot of money, however, this package still offers massive savings. By hiring a creative director, you are engaging with an expert in strategy, communications, and content creation, while saving anywhere from $20-45k per year based on regional creative director salaries.​ Here's what you'll get (spoiler, it's amazing):

  • Every content creation service we offer, including branding

  • A dedicated, expert creative director with instant communication via Slack

  • Creative team meetings, volunteer training meetings, participation in staff meetings

  • Automated request management so you don't need to submit design or video requests (This only applies to organizational needs; support ministries not included)

  • Custom content calendar and social media calendar, shared with you and your team

  • Keep in mind, your Creative Director is a seasoned expert with experience in the church. We know, this almost sounds too good to be true.

Premium Packages 😍

Truly unlimited, next-level media solutions.

Dollars saved per year


This is based on an average graphic designer salary of $45,000 per year compared to our Unlimited Graphics subscription.

Let's talk numbers 🤑

Whether you're taking the lead on this or need to convince the person who is, these numbers are hard to ignore. As the landscape of church media rapidly changes, these just get better and better.

Hours saved per year


If you're a staff member who does 12+ hours per week of creative work, consider that time saved! Imagine what else you can accomplish.

Graphics and videos


Since our beginning in 2021 (Church Media Supply), we have completed over 10,000 custom graphics and videos for the local church.

People reached for Jesus

A Lot

We aren't exactly sure about this number, but we truly believe in our churches, so we know this number is growing every day.

  • Up to 5 custom graphic design projects per month

  • One open project at a time

  • Includes everything from digital to print

  • 3-business-day turnaround

  • Automatic payments, cancel any time

  • Up to 4 custom video/motion projects per month

  • One open project at a time

  • 3+ business-day turnaround

  • Automatic payments, cancel any time

  • Up to 4 custom graphic design projects per month

  • Up to 2 custom video/motion projects per month

  • 1-2 open projects at a time

  • Automatic payments, cancel any time

"Shift" Packages 🙌

Up to 6 projects per month. 3-business-day turnaround.

  • Up to 20 custom graphic design projects per month

  • Up to one project due per business day

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Dedicated creative team

  • 3-business-day turnaround

  • Automatic payments, cancel any time

  • Up to 10 custom video/motion projects per month

  • Up to one project due per business day

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Dedicated creative team

  • 3-5 business-day turnaround

  • Automatic payments, cancel any time

  • Graphics + Video/Motion

  • Up to 25 custom projects per month

  • 1-2 projects due per business day

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Dedicated creative team

  • 3-5 business-day turnaround

  • Automatic payments, cancel any time

"Move" Packages 🙌

Up to 25 projects per month. 3-business-day turnaround.

Photo Editing
  • 60 edited photos per month

  • Partnership with Capture Collab

  • Free Capture Collab account included

  • Tell your story more effectively

  • Person and object removal

  • Pairs well with any Unlimited plan

Logo + Branding

This one-time-purchase package has a lot of flex depending on your needs. No price is the same, and that's important! We specialize in the following:

  • Logo design

  • Brand Identity

  • Positioning and Strategy

  • Brand Guideline Documents

Additional Services 😮

Add these to your plan, or take them on their own!

Are We A Good Fit? 🤓

We love partnering with churches who...

Value Mission

We are passionate about forward thinking and strategic outreach. What initiatives are you taking to reach more people for Jesus?

Value Organization

Organization is key when it comes to communication and effective workflows. Do you take intentional steps to prepare ahead of time?

Value Movement

The message of Jesus will never change, but how we deliver it is always changing. Is shifting alongside culture important to your team?

Value Communication

Good communication is crucial when using a service like ours. Does your team communicate with clarity and manageable expectations?

Value Creativity

God created us to create. Effective creative work takes time, skill, and strategy. Does your team recognize the importance of creativity?

Value People

When you partner with us, you're partnering with people. Mutual respect and empathy is key in any relationship, and we're committed to that!

Every Move team member has first hand experience in the local church. We know the nuances of church culture, and are committed to respect and empathy for the efforts you make and the challenges you face.

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