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Why Hire a Creative Director?

You need a creative team

You need experts "on the ground" with your staff who can strategize, administrate, create, and execute your creative content from digital to print.

You need clarity

Your church's creative processes could be laser-focused. You need a team who can bring clarity to your creative ministry, building a unified, strategic system.

You need do-ers

Pastors have far more important things to worry about than content creation. You need a team who can turn your vision into creative action.

You need greater support

Part-time staff and volunteers are incredible assets to the local church. However, without experienced creative leadership, those teams can find themselves lost and frustrated. 

You need better systems

Tired of managing creative projects via email or even text message? You need someone to manage your tasks and assets in one place with the comprehensive platforms we use.

You need to save money

By spending almost 50% less than an average Creative Director salary, you're not only saving money, but you're receiving some of the best creative talent and leadership available to churches today.

When you hire a Move Creative Director, you are hiring an expert creative leader along with a team of creators. This is a full-scale media solution for churches who want to reach the next level.

A dedicated Creative Director to strategize and implement your creative needs.

Instant communication via your Slack workspace, whether new or existing.

Seamlessly integrate a seasoned director and a team of expert creatives.

Is this a good fit for you?

A Creative Director is a good fit for...

Attendance between 800-4000

This is the optimal attendance range for our Creative Director service to be valuable. This ensures the highest return on investment.

Teams of 20 full time staff or less

With teams of more than 20 full time staff, it may be more difficult to assimilate a remote team. Communication is important to this relationship.

Churches who value creative strategy

It's vital to know the value of creative strategy. The message of Jesus will never change, but the method will. That's what we're here to help with.

A Creative Director may not be for...

Churches who are unsure

If you aren't sure about a Creative Director, it may be better to get started on one of our other plans, like our Media Team package.

Churches with loose staffing structure

If you are not equipped to maintain consistent involvement and communication with a remote team, this may not be a good fit for your church.

Churches who need a graphic designer

We value your time and money as much as we value ours. If you're simply looking for a content creator, check out our other plans.

What's included?

Every creative service we offer, including branding. You also won't need to manage your organizational requests, but you'll still have access to them just in case.

True team integration. When you hire a Creative Director, you're hiring someone who will regularly meet with your staff and train volunteers in creative skill-building.

Systems on systems. We'll submit and manage your requests, strategize and plan your creative/social media content, and give you active involvement.

Apply Now 🙂

Woohoo! Let's do this.

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